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Lastly, if you didn’t find the answers to your questions in this FAQ, here are links to additional websites that offer more detailed information about copyright:

For more knit-specific information, search the archives of any of the knitting email lists. There has been a prolific amount of email sent to the lists on this topic over the years.

TechKnit Archives

KnitU Archives (now KnitTalk) on the XRX website

Copyright For Crafters While dealing mainly with copyright information as it pertains to Canadian law, this is required reading for knitters everywhere.

A very relevant article from Forbes on copyright infringement and shared patterns on the Net: “So Sew Me Quilting,” Chana R. Schoenberger, Forbes Magazine, 12.25.00

In the same vein, “Online Design Swap a Napster-Like Concern,” an Associated Press article at

Questions Frequently Asked in the Copyright Office Public Information Section,” U.S. Copyright Office. This FAQ explains copyright law in a nutshell, as well as having links to the most relevant documents regarding U.S. copyright law.

The Copyright Society of America This website has easy to understand information on all aspects of copyright.

The Copyright Website also has links to international copyright websites.

What is Copyright? – One of the Internet’s pioneer copyright websites

Terry Carroll’s Copyright FAQ

Are you new to the Internet? You also might want to learn about “Netiquette”:

The Netiquette Homepage

(Like all things on the Internet, some of the above links may have passed into the ether. If you come across a broken link, please use the contact form to tell me. Thanks!)

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