Knitting Spam Daily, Act II

Whoa! Been a while since I’ve been here. Sorry for falling into a black hole, but that’s me all over. ;)

Almost a year ago I mentioned that I felt the signal to noise ratio of IK emails was screwed. Being anal, I finally decided to test that feeling and here are the results of monitoring a month’s worth of emails from Knitting Daily for the period of March 19-April 19:

Of the 20 emails I received during this time, only five (5!) had practical knitting information and/or tips. The remaining emails were either outright advertisements for Interweave products or were more subtle “infomercials”, combining ads with text that refers to the ads.

Only 25% signal to 75% noise. Kind of mind boggling, don’t you think? If that were my ISP, I would have dropped them long ago. And, as a result, as of today I’ve unsubscribed to the email newsletter and replaced it with a subscription to Knitting Daily via RSS reader. In case you are interested in doing the same, here are the RSS feeds to:

Knitting Daily:

What’s on Sandi’s Needles:

Fire up your RSS reader and, although some of those infomercials get through, you’ll still get more knitting almost all of the time.


Knitting Spam Daily

Does anyone else think that the Knitting Daily newsletter-to-ad ratio is entirely out of whack? I love Knitting Daily and Interweave, but I’m finding that so much of the mail sent out by them is advertising or advertising disguised as newsletters that I’ve come *this close* to unsubscribing entirely from the newsletter.

This seems to be the opposite of what they want. Just sayin’…