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Anne Complete

With barely a donut-sized skein of Azteca leftover, and having knit only 8 sts for the edging, the Anne Shoulder Scarf is done! Things I learned along the way: Pick up that extra ball of yarn when you buy the yarn, especially if you buy it abroad. (Filed under: things I once knew but have… Continue reading Anne Complete

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Since not a few knitters are also geeks, I wonder why it took so long for Silicon Valley to hop on the trend. While it doesn't look like any of these cool looking socks are hand knit, it can't be much longer before "ninja socks" are the latest thing in knitting. Oh wait!

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Namaste Monroe

Dark, lovely Monroe and I had a short affair, but, sadly, things just didn't work out between us. ┬áRather than sitting unloved in my closet, here's an opportunity for you to take Monroe home with you. Vital Stats (via the Namaste, Inc. website): "Organize in style with the Monroe bag, featuring a unique 3-compartment storage… Continue reading Namaste Monroe

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Poll: When a Yarnaholic Destashes, It Means That…

As a part of my determined efforts to cut down the number of loafers in the Staff Room at "Ms. Yarnaholic's School for Wayward Skeins"(tm), there's no choice left but to make some serious, gut-wrenching decisions as to who what stays and what goes. Since this is going to take quite a while (evidence here,… Continue reading Poll: When a Yarnaholic Destashes, It Means That…

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Sweater Care

Here's the first in what I hope will be a regular feature, picking up where my old Knitting Bookmarks page left off, but on steroids. Once there have been a few entries, you will be able to see a "collection" of them by clicking on the Bookmarks category in my sidebar. Happy Browsing! Sweater/Wool Care:… Continue reading Sweater Care