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5 Tips for Faster Knitting + Why You Shouldn’t Care – Interweave

Have you ever given yourself a knitting deadline? Perhaps it was for a gift—I have to finish this hat by Elaine’s party Friday night. Or you had to finish the “hard” part of a project before a trip, so you could cruise through the mindless section while traveling. Or, perhaps, you were being paid by… Continue reading 5 Tips for Faster Knitting + Why You Shouldn’t Care – Interweave


The Bells! The Bells!

Or: When Insomnia Strikes When sunset is at 11:30 p.m., with twilight lasting until well after midnight, and sunrise comes at 4:30 a.m., what can one do? In this case it turns out that people have the advantage over sheep. People can: pull down window blinds to block the light wear a sleep mask to block… Continue reading The Bells! The Bells!

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Knitting 101 Falling.over.laughing. Pew-Pew! (She's to blame for making me LOL and wake up my other half!)

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But can they do cables?

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The Ten Knitters You Meet in Hell

Franklin Habit, aka The Panopticon, shares The Ten Knitters You Meet in Hell, which I have tagged as "humor," but who here isn't nodding their head up and down after recognizing these stereotypes! Too close to the truth for comfort. Ouch!


Confessions of a Yarnaholic « The Knitting Penguin

Confessions of a Yarnaholic « The Knitting Penguin. Kristle, a (former) fellow knitting blogger, is in a bit of a split mind about her yarn acquisition habit. Go empathize. 🙂

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Happy Towel Day!

Rev up the Infinite Improbability Drive! I love it when knitting and h2g2 collide! Want to feel like a galactic explorer? Hop aboard "Heart of Gold". See ya!


Big Yarn Balls

Here's a link to the accompanying flickr photoset Seriously, for real or urban legend? What do you say?