Amigurumi and all that jazz…

My 26 year-old came strolling into my room with Hansi Singh's "Amigurumi Knits" in hand, completely gaga over the sea star, which blew me away. He's now into the first year of his MS in Biomed.  Think I can hook him into knitting via math? Gotta have someone to share this yarnstash with! 🙂

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Monkey Business

Knitted from bits and pieces of leftover stash yarn as a going away gift for my daughter before her return abroad.  The pattern on Ravelry is linked to from the designer's blog, It's been a month of small accomplishments, including two pairs of K1 wristlets from the W2007 issue. The pattern is still available… Continue reading Monkey Business

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Yep, the time has come! World Wide Knitting In Public Day is nearly here.  Our SnB Group is hosting an event here in our little corner of the knitting universe. Stop by and say hello! Better yet, bring your knitting and stay awhile. Israel Hosted by: TLV SnB / BubiTzemer Location: Rothschild Blvd. 19 Time:… Continue reading WWKIP


Big Yarn Balls

Here's a link to the accompanying flickr photoset Seriously, for real or urban legend? What do you say?