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Teh Sockmonkeh Coffee Cozy

Hands down this fun little piece of knitting has caused more cries of “Squee!” among my knitting and non-knitting friends, coffee shop baristas and waiters than anything else I’ve knit. Everyone wants George keeping their coffee warm! I’ve knit about a dozen or so Georges for friends and family (and even family of friends) since the first one… Continue reading Teh Sockmonkeh Coffee Cozy


Amigurumi and all that jazz…

My 26 year-old came strolling into my room with Hansi Singh’s “Amigurumi Knits” in hand, completely gaga over the sea star, which blew me away. He’s now into the first year of his MS in Biomed.  Think I can hook him into knitting via math? Gotta have someone to share this yarnstash with! :)