Yarn Obsession

Has anyone else done this? You drive into a strange town and glance up from your knitting to see a storefront sign that has just flashed by the window “______and Yarn.” Obviously, DH is driving too fast for me to see the whole sign! My heart starts racing and I swear I am drooling! Before leaving on the drive, I had researched the Knitter’s database to see if there were any local yarn shops that I could visit. I had not found any and was very sad.

“Stop the car, you must go back!” I cried out. My DH did not say anything but followed the instructions–the first time that happened many years ago, he thought I was ill or that he had run over something in the road. He now knows the tone of voice that means “although I have more yarn than I could possibly ever use, I must check this store out for anything new or different or local to the area.”

He knows that I especially like finding local spinners and dyers who are experimenting with or have become very proficient at dying yarn and I always get enough for a small project or 2. I am now unable to get out very much in terms of traveling, but my stash has grown to the size of way too many Rubbermaid storage containers and various cupboards that are stuffed to overflowing. I am working on so many projects that I finally stopped and listed them in order of stage of completion! What a shock to see things emerging that I started at least 3 dress sizes ago!

The list is HUGE and I am trying to do the things that are the closest to being finished. Thankfully, I am compulsive about making notes. Each uncompleted project has a note stuffed in with it explaining where I was and why I stopped working. It also has the name of the intended recipient.

The bad news about becoming housebound is the Internet. There are soooo many ways to find yarn via stores or auctions or trades with list members…the possibilities boggle the mind!! I can see just how some people have become addicted to the Internet and spend 20 hours a day in front of their computers. I limit myself to 2 30-minute sessions a day of reading the email and doing a little surfing, but sometimes I get carried away and what’s this? The UPS truck is pulling up with yet one more thing to add to the stash!!!

If anyone has a cure for this condition, please keep it to yourself! I do not want a cure, I just want more time in the day to finish it all!!


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