Yarn Names We’d Like to See

The following was originally sent to the KnitList by Cheryl M. and appears here with her permission.

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After a long night up with a sick 8 yo DD, I was idly flipping through one of my yarn catalogs. In my sleep-deprived state I was struck by the elegant word play and not-so-subliminal message in Berrocco’s Sensu-wool (sensual).This led me to think of other potential yarn names with hidden messages. For example:

* Actu-wool: 100% sheep fiber
* Factu-wool: A favorite of scientists and other logic-based folks.
* Conceptu-wool: Suitable for trying out design ideas, which may or may not result in FOs.
* Perceptu-wool: Either the greatest yarn ever or horrid, nasty stuff depending on your point of view.
* Intellectu-wool: yarn for the Thinking Knitter.
* Perpetu-wool: guaranteed not to run out in mid-project. Also recommended for those never-ending UFOs.
That’s all I could come up with right now. Anyone else got any? I’ll be happy to share any royalty monies resulting from a yarn company assuming any of these names. 🙂

Knit On,
Cheryl M.

The following additional yarn names were sent in to the KnitList by Sarah P., Katherine M. and Ellen S., who have given their permission for their additions to appear here:

Sarah P.:

* Pre-nuptu-wool: what you knit sweaters for him with *before* you marry (generally not the best yarn, just in case you don’t get married).
* Spiritu-wool: what God knits with.
* Consensu-wool: the agreed-upon yarn when making something for someone else.

Katherine M.: (These come courtesy of my DH, since I am “punnilly challenged”….)

* Visu-wool – for knitting see through garments;
* Residu-wool – spun from leftovers;
* Individu-wool – for one-of-a-kind garments;
* and of course: Uze-u-wool : the same old yarn.

Ellen S.:

* Eventu-wool– the yarn that you back ordered months ago, and that will get here some day…

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