The Top Ten Worst Knitting Tips

I have been so impressed with all the charting tips from much more organized people than myself. In looking at my own knitting habits, all I can offer is the following:
The Top Ten Worst Knitting Tips

1. Following Charts: Forget the chart. Just look at the picture and try to figure out what should go next. Besides, after a few rows the chart will spout legs and walk away, so you may as well prepare yourself for that eventuality.

2. Keeping Track of Patterns: Honey, have you seen my pattern? I could’ve sworn I left it on the sofa.

3. Intarsia: Don’t worry about bobbins or short manageable strands, try the long tangled strand method. Just grab any random yarn end for the color you want and don’t be bothered by the bird’s nest of yarn that starts to form. It will take care of itself when you are done with the colors.

4. Swatching: Just go ahead and start the back of the sweater. This way if you find you ARE knitting to gauge you wont have wasted your time making a swatch. You’re not lazy, you’re an optimist.

5. Seams: Avoid these at all costs. Knit in the round, top down, side to side, what ever it takes.

6. Calculating yardage for yarn substitution: This is way too much work. Just make the sleeves last. When you run out of yarn, you’re done! You could be the only person in town with a short sleeved wool aran.

7. Gifts: Always wait until the last possible minute to start these. Without the pressure of a deadline you may be lured away by other projects.

8. Purchasing yarn: If it’s on sale, buy it! You never know when those 3 skeins of chartreuse mohair from a company that went out of business 10 years ago might come in handy.

9. Storing your needles: You should keep all your needles in one place. That place may as well be under the sofa cushions since they will wind up there anyway.

10. UFOs: Seal tightly in a good sturdy box and bury in the yard. If anyone asks, say it’s a time capsule.


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Originally sent to the KnitList in December 2000 by Laura G. and appears here with her permission.

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