Square Knitter’s Creed

I do not like it Sam I am,
I do not like the squares of the Horst Schultz man.
I do not like to make the box,
I do not like to weave in ends till my finger locks
I do not want to make the square
I will not do it,
No I won’t
I won’t won’t won’t.

Oh, yes you will said the clever book
You will like it, take a look
It’s easy, quick and lots of fun
It’s easy quick for everyone
You will make them in the chair
You will make them near the stair
You will forget to comb your hair
You will weave in all those ends
Who needs to spend time with their friends?
Who needs to worry about when suppertime ends?
I’m your friend said the clever book
I won’t care about how you look
It’s me you want to study by the brook
We’ll sit together you and me
I will talk and your ends you’ll weave.

Okay, all right! I Give! I bend!
I will become a square knitting friend!
I will make the colors Blend!
Il make green, blue and purple yarns blend, blend blend!
I’ll make them while my garden grows
I’ll make them as I scratch my dog with my toes
I’ll give up work and church and school
I’ll make afghans by the pool!
I think it will be so very cool
To follow on this daily rule:
Knit, P3 and then knit back
Knit, P3 and then you may have a snack
Cast on, pick up, slip and knot
make the squares and forget me not.

Copyright © 2001 Marge

Originally sent to the KnitList in May 2001 by Marge and appears here with her permission.

No portion of this document may be copied in any format without the author’s prior written consent.

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