Knits of The Round Table

Gentle Knitters,

While I was hunting for a book online yesterday, I mistyped the title, “The Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”, spelling it “The Dead Princess and the Seven Knits”. This, of course, led me down the merry free-association path of the following: (please note – no offense is intended)

Bobby Knit (Bobby Knight, former Indiana University basketball coach)
Basketball coach who uses knitting to teach his players eye-hand coordination
(I’m an IU alum.)

Knit Rider (Knight Rider, TV series)
Sidekick of the defender of the weak, wears only spandex and shawls

Knits of the Round Table (Knights of the Round Table)
The group of knitters who meet at the LYS every Wednesday afternoon. Coat of arms is crossed knitting needles with gul skein rampant.

Forever Knit (Forever Knight, the TV series)
My pledge to never wear store-bought knits again!

First Knit (First Knight, the movie)
My first knitting project for which I followed a pattern slavishly, without regard to gauge, fit, shaping or size.

Knits of Columbus (Knights of Columbus, fraternal organization)
A clothing line exclusively for Catholic men.

Knits of Malta (Knights of Malta)
Handknit clothing for wearing on a date to the soda shop.

Knits Templar (Knights Templar, order of religious knights in the Middle Ages)
Medieval guild of knitters who accompanied the Crusaders and kept them in underwear, stockings and muffatees.

Gladys Knit and the Pips (Gladys Knight and the Pips, recording group)
Singing group whose signature dress includes 12-foot long Dr. Who scarves, watch caps, fingerless gloves and fascinators.

Order of the Knits of Pythias (Order of the Knights of Pythias, fraternal organization)
Philanthropic organization whose aim is to clothe all snakes in seamless tubing knit on circular sock knitting machines (I have one – it’s loads of fun!)

Knit-Ridder Newspapers (Knight-Ridder Newspapers, West Coast publishers)
Publishing house dedicated exclusively to knitting patterns.

Teutonic Knits (Teutonic Knights)
People who knit continental (or German).

Knits Hospitaller of St. John (Knights Hospitaller of St. John)
Charity knitting organization focusing on knitting preemie hats, binkies, chemo caps, Warm Up American and the Linus Project.


Caroline Laudig
Caroline’s Culture Ranch, home of the Unruly Wool Room

Copyright © 2002 by Caroline Laudig. All Rights Reserved.

Originally sent to the KnitList by Caroline Laudig and appears here with her permission.

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