Abandoning Projects

I heard the following from a quilting teacher years ago (and if I remember her name before I hit send I’ll give her credit-Mary Ellen of Crazy Ladies and Friends Quilt Shop).

Unfortunately, this only works for mothers of sons. Luckily I have 3 of them, so I’m covered.

First: go to a big department store and buy something; you just want the receipt to show the gift wrap people anyway. Go to the gift wrap department and ask for a gift box of the proper size for the item. (For instance, whenever I buy something for me in a dept. store, I go get a gift box. With careful planning I acquired the boxes necessary for the robes I made the family for Christmas- you get the picture.)

Next: Take an abandoned project, fold it neatly, (press if it is a fabric craft) gather the pattern instructions, extra materials, every thing you have to finish the thing.

Now place NEW tissue (smooth, pretty, even colored) in the box carefully, then lovingly place said project and all the stuff with it into the box, fold the tissue neatly, place lid on box.

Tie the box shut and in the corner neatly label “For (one of your son’s names) wife.”

Laugh evilly every time you think of the project knowing some unsuspecting soul is about to get it as an obligation that they will have to finish because their DH’s sainted mother left it for THEM.

Don’t you just love it? Payment for sons. This, by the way, will NOT work with daughters. They know you too well.

The Fiber Artist

I don’t need drugs, raising teenagers is as far from reality as I care to get!

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