Gallery-Basic Knit Kippah

Right now information on knitting my Basic Knit Kippah is spread around the Interwebs and I’m trying to collect it here in one place.

Back in May 2005  I hosted a “Kippalong” on the Yarnaholic Confessions group blog on Blogger. Here are those posts in chronological order:


Kippalong 1: The Yarn makes the Kippah

Kippalong 2: More about “The Yarn makes the Kippah” and Cast-on choices

Kippalong 3: Mosaics, Faux Pas, and Other Edges and Finishes

Kippalong Redux-How Do I…? (Tip: Run the photos as a slideshow on flickr with the “info” enabled and follow along!)

ccbyncsa-88x31While this pattern is free for your personal use under a Creative Commons “Attribution/Non-Commercial/ShareAlike” License, please consider making a donation to the ESRA Community Fund or any charitable organization of your choice.

Would you like to share a picture of your finished kippah here? Just let me know in the comments.

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