Free Knitting Patterns

All patterns are available as a free download on my Ravelry shop page. In the unlikely event that the download links are not working, please hop on over to the Contact form and send me a note.

The Pattern Download Extras
Mini-Sock Recipe rav_link Project photos on Ravelry
Basic Knit Kippah (Yarmulka) in Reverse Stocking Stitch rav_link Check out my Kippah Gallery with lots of extra info and the Project photos on Ravelry!
The “Knit ’til You Quit” Shawl rav_link (revised pattern coming someday)

Some Rights ReservedMy patterns are released under a Creative Commons “Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share Alike” 3.0 Unported License. If you have any question, either on the patterns themselves or on the CC License, please feel free to use the Contact form.

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