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The one thing you shouldn’t do as a knitter…

Once upon a time, back on the KnitList, there was a recurring maxim against gifting a knitted item to an offspring's SO, as within a short period of time the couple generally broke up. I've now performed that dubious act. The Dashing mitts that were languishing in my closet were gifted to my youngest son's… Continue reading The one thing you shouldn’t do as a knitter…

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Let my skeins go!

(and surprisingly not, "Let go of my skeins!") Earlier this week I dove into the yarn stash, boxed some up and sent it off to an old internet friend and a relatively new knitter. Don't think this was easy. Even though I'm not really knitting much these days, it was an emotional hurdle to let my skeins go. Every bag… Continue reading Let my skeins go!

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Knitting with different dye lots

Definitely good info for yarnaholics!