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And then there were none

Ads, I mean. For the whole of last year I ran ads here at Ms. Yarnaholic's School for Wayward Skeins in an effort to recuperate some of the expense of keeping this site going. If I actually counted on ad revenue alone, this site would have gone dark. One year, over 18K ads served, with… Continue reading And then there were none

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So how’s your holiday knitting going?

Many years ago, sometime around mid-April, it occurred to me that life was stressful enough without the added stress of thinking about holiday gifts. Since then, nature took its course and the holidays just kept getting closer. Such cheek! If you're like me, you've probably spent most every Blursday doing anything but knitting holiday gifts… Continue reading So how’s your holiday knitting going?

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Medieval Spinning in Acre I find this fascinating, but I can't really say whether this is an accurate representation of what's going on. The distaff is super thin and I can't discern a whorl on the spindle. Can anyone fill in the missing blanks or do we say "artist's representation"? Old Acre/Akko is a well preserved Crusader/Ottoman city… Continue reading Medieval Spinning in Acre