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That’s a Wrap!

The die's been cast. Since this site has not generated enough income through ads or donations to cover expenses in keeping my site online, in another two weeks I'll need to choose between going back to having a totally free-of-charge website or shutting it down. While that might sound drastic, the vulgar ads that… Continue reading That’s a Wrap!

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My 100 Day Project Blog 2022

Here it is, the project that over 160 intrepid knitters on Ravelry have finished. (Secretly, I also have to wonder how many knitters didn’t!) I’ll be relying on the wisdom of those intrepid knitters because the piece-by-piece knitting instructions are quite a challenge. I’m using the free online pattern, which after reading it over might […]… Continue reading My 100 Day Project Blog 2022

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And then there were none

Ads, I mean. For the whole of last year I ran ads here at Ms. Yarnaholic's School for Wayward Skeins in an effort to recuperate some of the expense of keeping this site going. If I actually counted on ad revenue alone, this site would have gone dark. One year, over 18K ads served, with… Continue reading And then there were none