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This site and the GDPR

There’s been a lot of concern, confusion and angst by site owners here on ahead of implementing the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation on May 25th and the impact that will have on site owners and visitors. At the moment, the only thing I can suggest is that you take the time to read… Continue reading This site and the GDPR

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Crisis Somewhat Averted!-A Knitty/Patreon Update

Amy has just advised that Patreon has backed down and will not be rolling out the new fee schedule! Amy is none-the-less setting up an alternate donation system for those that want it. More to come; stay tuned. In the meantime, however, Knitty lost 200 patrons. 😦 Creators and Patrons, We’ve heard you loud and… Continue reading Crisis Somewhat Averted!-A Knitty/Patreon Update

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