It’s hot! It’s so HOT!

Don't I wish I was talking about the latest rav pattern or knitting magazine. No, we're still in that part of the year when just sitting and thinking makes one break out in a sweat. But there's hope! The overnight temps have started to drop and there's a hint of a cool breeze in the… Continue reading It’s hot! It’s so HOT!

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FO gifted at last!

Now that my special person has received it, I can finally share with you what I've been working on since February and finished in early June (with many breaks in between to sniff smelling salts). I took copious notes on my Ravelry project page for those who might consider knitting the free pattern available on… Continue reading FO gifted at last!

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Why Reverse Stocking Stitch?

I spent some time yesterday in that timesuck known as Ravelry, specifically looking at all the lovely kippot that you've knitted since my last visit to my free kippah pattern page. One thing that stood out was how many of you are flipping your kippah to the stocking stitch (AKA knit) side to wear rather… Continue reading Why Reverse Stocking Stitch?