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Why Reverse Stocking Stitch?

I spent some time yesterday in that timesuck known as Ravelry, specifically looking at all the lovely kippot that you've knitted since my last visit to my free kippah pattern page. One thing that stood out was how many of you are flipping your kippah to the stocking stitch (AKA knit) side to wear rather… Continue reading Why Reverse Stocking Stitch?

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Kippalong Redux-How Do I…?

It's really been gratifying and fun to see how many people are interested in my Basic Knit Kippah pattern. Thanks for knitting it! For anyone who might need some visuals, I've now included a series of "how to" photos. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to go to that photo in the set.… Continue reading Kippalong Redux-How Do I…?

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Kippalong 3: Mosaics, Faux Pas, and Other Edges and Finishes

Because the kippah itself is very plain, you can add some visual punch to it by starting it with a decorative edge in place of the garter stitch band. If you are new to the concept of slip-stitch mosaic designs, I strongly recommend getting hold of a copy of Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting Designs or… Continue reading Kippalong 3: Mosaics, Faux Pas, and Other Edges and Finishes