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Teh Sockmonkeh Coffee Cozy

Hands down this fun little piece of knitting has caused more cries of "Squee!" among my knitting and non-knitting friends, coffee shop baristas and waiters than anything else I've knit. Everyone wants George keeping their coffee warm! I've knit about a dozen or so Georges for friends and family (and even family of friends) since the first one… Continue reading Teh Sockmonkeh Coffee Cozy

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Since not a few knitters are also geeks, I wonder why it took so long for Silicon Valley to hop on the trend. While it doesn't look like any of these cool looking socks are hand knit, it can't be much longer before "ninja socks" are the latest thing in knitting. Oh wait!

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WIPs Rule

Thanks to everyone to took the poll. While the WIPs ruled, I am really having difficulty loving this project. Really difficult. Rip back #3 occurred after binding off the top of the mitt and coming back to the thumb opening and going, "Feh! What is going on here?" The instructions call to cast on 5… Continue reading WIPs Rule

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WIP or RIP-You Decide

This past month has been a mad house for fingerless mitts. First off, a pair of k1 wristlets (sadly, still without photos) for a Texan twitter friend who was suffering cold hands in her office. Then a second pair of wristlets for me (see above) from a wonderful, natural, full-lanolin stash yarn to replace the… Continue reading WIP or RIP-You Decide

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Monkey Business

Knitted from bits and pieces of leftover stash yarn as a going away gift for my daughter before her return abroad.  The pattern on Ravelry is linked to from the designer's blog, It's been a month of small accomplishments, including two pairs of K1 wristlets from the W2007 issue. The pattern is still available… Continue reading Monkey Business

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No Way!

Have I really ignored this blog for nearly two entire months? Yikes! So imagine my utter surprise after logging in today to discover that the blog had linked to my Basic Knit Kippah as a part of their holiday DIY Gift Ideas for Guys. Woot! 🙂 By the way, if you're already over on… Continue reading No Way!

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Yesterday evening for the very first time since joining the group, I managed to cut work early enough to join the Tuesday rogue session of the Tel Aviv Ravelry group - Tel Aviv Stitch 'n youknowwhat. (Just trying to keep the cease and desist letters at bay.) Really a fun group of knitters. Nearly everyone… Continue reading Raveled!

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My head hurts!

Since geocities is closing down this summer, I want to make sure I have everything in place here and on Ravelry long before that happens. Honestly, I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy. But today, uploading a PDF pattern to Ravelry nearly did me in. So, are you on Ravelry? Should I offer pattern downloads only there… Continue reading My head hurts!