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Where’s my Azzu Shawl project gone to?

It was last seen somewhere in the living room sometime last spring, after our YFFF, before our youngest son moved out again, before we sat our granddoggter, before it got so (*#& hot, before the holidays, before guests arrived from abroad. I've checked all the usual places (of which there are too, too many), but… Continue reading Where’s my Azzu Shawl project gone to?

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5 Tips for Faster Knitting + Why You Shouldn’t Care – Interweave

Have you ever given yourself a knitting deadline? Perhaps it was for a gift—I have to finish this hat by Elaine’s party Friday night. Or you had to finish the “hard” part of a project before a trip, so you could cruise through the mindless section while traveling. Or, perhaps, you were being paid by… Continue reading 5 Tips for Faster Knitting + Why You Shouldn’t Care – Interweave

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In Search Of…

Anyone else remember that late '70's/early '80's TV series "In Search Of..." presented by Leonard Nimoy which featured a new mysterious or paranormal subject every week-Martians, Bigfoot, Immortality? It really reminded me of my recent search for a knitting group. I'm still trying to understand the attitude and rationale behind some of the conversations I had… Continue reading In Search Of…