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That’s a Wrap!

The die's been cast. Since this site has not generated enough income through ads or donations to cover expenses in keeping my site online, in another two weeks I'll need to choose between going back to having a totally free-of-charge website or shutting it down. While that might sound drastic, the vulgar ads that… Continue reading That’s a Wrap!

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Knitting. Not!

Hello intrepid followers! It's been months since I last posted and I confess to have again fallen off the knitting wagon. While I am not knitting (Hey, WIPs! Stop looking at me from over there!), I did manage to reduce my yarn stash by two major destashings to two lovely knitters locally and abroad. So… Continue reading Knitting. Not!

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Move along. Nothing to see here.

I've so neglected my blog as to be criminal. I'd rename it "The Solitary Knitter" if there wasn't already a site by that name. When I stopped working over a year ago, I finally had the time to join up with the knitting group in my area.  The meetings I attended were fun and inspiring and… Continue reading Move along. Nothing to see here.