heartExpat Minnesnowtan and recovered Yarnaholic working off a mega-yarnstash which began when I worked part time in a yarn shop nearly 30 years ago. Because I’m such a slow knitter, I now focus on small projects that have a chance of being finished in my lifetime. Consequently, the yarnstash to FO ratio is, shall we say, screwed.

My longest-running work-in-progress is a Rowan kit I picked up in England following a Rowan Knitting Workshop in 1994, Kaffe Fassett’s killem“Kilim Cushion Cover” which my knitbuddy has nicknamed the “Kill’em Cushion Cover”. My hair was dark then.

Since August 3, 2007 I’ve been part of rav_link Ravelry. (Username: JenniferT and embarrassingly enough I even have a “Designer” page there. Stop by and say “hi!”) Access is available only to registered users. Be forewarned-next to Facebook, Ravelry is a Serious.Time.Suck. (Serious!)

Presently suffering from lack of online time due to real life mayhem, so if you don’t hear from me right away-hey, life happens. (But, if you are a new knitblogger just getting started and would like some help with your WordPress.com blog, use the Contact form and we’ll work something out.)

How did this blog get its name? Thank Knitty!

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