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And then there were none

Ads, I mean.

For the whole of last year I ran ads here at Ms. Yarnaholic’s School for Wayward Skeins in an effort to recuperate some of the expense of keeping this site going. If I actually counted on ad revenue alone, this site would have gone dark. One year, over 18K ads served, with total earnings of less than the cost of a ball of yarn, plain cotton yarn, nothing fancy.

I don’t know about you, but I find website ads a bother. At the same time I also understand the need for content creators to earn enough to support their efforts, or at least cover their costs. So right now, I’m rather caught between a rock and a hard place and I need your help.

If you are enjoying my always-free patterns, the Copyright FAQ for Knitters, the Socksx3 page, KnitNatterings, or my free knitting graphics please consider dropping a few coins in the cup below, if you can, so I can continue to bring you these features. Thank you.

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