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Knitting. Not!

Hello intrepid followers! It’s been months since I last posted and I confess to have again fallen off the knitting wagon. While I am not knitting (Hey, WIPs! Stop looking at me from over there!), I did manage to reduce my yarn stash by two major destashings to two lovely knitters locally and abroad. So glad to share the wealth!

As the weather cools significantly, I’ll be hauling out the She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and other Rowan stash goodies to see what I’m considering parting with. Considering, not promising. When Rowan decided to quit producing their DK tweed line, I invested heavily thinking that, of course, I’d be able to knit 3 major sweaters and several vests within a reasonable time. Ha!

And although I’ve posted here now, I’m putting all my online activities on hold in order to concentrate on actually knitting. Our oldest offspring deserves something nice for her upcoming birthday and I have just the right yarn(s) for what I’m thinking of. Stay tuned!

If you are new to this site, don’t forget check out the Free Patterns Page and the Knit Natterings page. Lots of humor there and, hoo boy, couldn’t we all use some laughs!

Happy [insert-festive-holiday] here!

Shoo, 202021, just shoo!