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So long 2020! Make sure the door hits you on your way out!

If this hasn’t been the daftest year on record in my lifetime, I don’t know what is and hope never to know! Since I’m a year closer to my 8th decade, there’s a small-ish chance of that happening. Tfu! Tfu! Tfu!

Knit-wise, another big media outlet extolled the benefits of knitting. This time, it’s the NYT. How many more times will people “discover” knitting as a means to relax and stay calm? I don’t know. All I can say is if you favor knitting uncomplicated things, which is perfectly OK, you might be able to relax. Personally, I favor patterns that keep me interested and attentive, but don’t make me gnash my teeth. Having said that, I don’t know anyone who finds knitting complicated patterns relaxing. Engaging, exciting, frustrating, agonizing, yes, but not “relaxing“. This is probably why my “Kill’em Cushion Cover” is still a WIP after so many years. Oh, wait! They published another “knitting is the new meditation” article but this time by a real knitter.

I did manage a full year without SEX. Admittedly the yarn stash wasn’t reduced by much through knitting, since all the projects I completed in 2020 were small ones in spite of my grandiose intentions. With the pandemic, I just couldn’t find the energy. If you are on Ravelry, you can quickly find how much (or how little) yarn you used this year in your Projects page by clicking on Index then clicking on Year Completed. Underneath the project thumbnails you’ll see the yardage and a link for more details.

Although there were no yarn purchases this year, I bought more patterns and books than I have in years! (Links open in a new tab.)

And while they are not patterns for garments per se, I also bought 2 books on Japanese knitting stitches that I might need an extra lifetime to understand.

I hope your 2020 knitting was enjoyable, if not as productive as you’d hoped. Here’s to a better 2021 for us all!

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