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So how’s your holiday knitting going?

Many years ago, sometime around mid-April, it occurred to me that life was stressful enough without the added stress of thinking about holiday gifts. Since then, nature took its course and the holidays just kept getting closer. Such cheek!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent most every Blursday doing anything but knitting holiday gifts (mia culpa) and now the deadline is fast approaching and panic has set in. I’m going to share here a Knit Nattering that I wrote and shared with the KnitList (anyone here remember what that was?) way back when. I hope it will help lighten your day.

Hi Knitsibs:
This is my first holiday season on the KL and after catching up on my ever-growing rack of knitlist emails, it has become horribly apparent that we are in serious need of some pre-holiday knitting levity. Or at least I am after reading your posts.

OK, if you’re not into my brand of weird humor, delete now. And if you’re going to continue reading, please remember the light-hearted spirit in which this was intended.

(Ahem..Stepping up on the soapbox) Why are you guys getting yourselves in a bind? (One, asbestos longjohns-check!) All you Xmas knitters have more than 3 weeks to finish up those holiday projects! Those of us knitting for Chanukah only have 13-21 days left! Aren’t 8-day holidays great? (Two, asbestos balaclava-check!) Also, please enlighten me-when is Kwanzaa? And what knitted items would be appropriate as gifts? And, for further enlightenment, what other holidays occur at this time of year for which one can knit? Hey, after all, we are on the WORLDWIDE WEB. (Three, asbestos socks-check!)

I’ve been a very good girl this year and have made all my Israeli relatives mohair Chanukah menorah shrugs a la Leigh Witchel (Horrors! Nine-arms! The menorah that is! Sorry Leigh!) and my famous boilable white cotton jelly-filled doughnut cosies by the dozen. (In case you don’t know-it is traditional to eat foods that are deep-fried in oil at Chanukah in commemoration of the miracle of the miniscule amount of menorah oil burning for eight days. Israelis chose jelly-filled doughnuts, and what other way is there to eat them but HOT! Works for me, my hips, my thighs, my ….)

Read the rest at Holiday Stress and Knit Nonsense (opens in a new tab)

In this season of giving, I also want to share with you a wonderful post from Interweave Knits on “Warmth from a Maker’s Hands” on charity knitting.

Looking for last-minute quick knits? Here are the patterns I keep coming back to (links open in a new tab):

What are your favorite quick, go-to patterns? Please share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “So how’s your holiday knitting going?

  1. I am knitting a flock of Cariad Hats by Weird Sheep. It’s cables, knitting in the round, and relatively quick. I have two more hats to go and then I am done (phew!)


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