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A journey of a thousand knits…

It’s in the upper 30ºC’s again here and my Reyna (same yarn, different project) is languishing with about 150 stitches left to bind off. I just don’t see that happening until it cools down later this weekend. Just the thought of wool makes me sweat, let alone thinking about cradling a full shawl in my lap. Even running the air conditioning at a modest setting doesn’t help much and I’m not one of those people who puts it at the lowest temperature and then wears winter clothes around the house. It’s just too hot to knit.

I can hear some of you thinking, so why not knit with cotton? Besides the fact that knitting cotton hurts my hands (no give!), 90% of the cotton yarns I own were purchased when we still lived in MN and are too hot to wear here in summer and too cool for winter.

So what’s a knitter to do? Update her ravelry projects with pre-ravelry FOs! Keeping in mind that I started knitting long before ravelry was conceived (and maybe even before its creators were), all the details of my knitting project went onto a 5″ x 8″ card:

  • project name
  • source (one of hundreds of physical patterns in dozens of magazines/books and later websites)
  • a printed copy of the pattern (for personal use only, of course)
  • any hand-drawn diagrams on knitting graph paper and/or
  • any charts used
  • yarn details and a yarn label, if I had one
  • the gauge and needles used
  • the gauge swatch, if I didn’t unravel it to use in the project and, finally,
  • a physical photograph of the FO, if I remembered to take one

All the cards went into plastic sleeves in a white, 3-ring binder.

Can you tell I’m a Virgo? LOL

I started keeping this binder only around 1990, but it contains some circa late-1970 and 1980’s projects, as well as smaller projects knitted post-1990 and the birth of ravelry:

  • A full-length, purple sweater coat with Oriental motifs I knit from Nature Spun Worsted and luxury yarns (inspired by Kaffe). It was heavy.
  • The African-inspired vest I designed and knit for TKGA‘s convention in Denver in 1989 (where I met my future guild co-founder). Eighties styles FTW.
  • Many projects for sweaters, socks, scarves and hats I designed and knit for my then young children and the things they designed themselves and I knit for them.

Part of the reason for documenting these projects was to fill in the gaps on my ravelry projects page which, without them, skewed the impression that the only thing I ever knit were small projects. Granted that’s the direction my knitting took since I started knitting again after a lengthy break, and the inspiration for my “Yarnstash to FO ratio still screwed” trademark bio.

So what’s next if the weather stays this hot? Since summer is normally my planning time, I’ll be updating my ravelry library with those dozens of magazines and books. I never fully realized or utilized the power of ravelry until I saw what a library search could do! So long post-it notes!