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50,000 Years of Textile History in 30 Minutes (Plus How to Pee in Space) | Interweave

I was an adult when a chance encounter with a ball of yarn changed my life. Waiting in line for the ladies’ room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I examined the contents of a glass case. It contained a rather crinkled-looking ball of yarn, attached to a stick. I was looking […]

Source: Next Up in Fiber Nation: 50,000 Years of Textile History in 30 Minutes (Plus How to Pee in Space) | Fiber Nation | Tales of Textiles, Craft, and Culture | Interweave

It feels like it might take that long before we return to whatever passes for normal around here. Things are a bit slow here at The School for Wayward Skeins, but being a big fan of ancient cultures and craft techniques, I jumped at listening to FiberNation’s recent podcast. How could I not?

While I’m making good progress on my Zoom Shawl, my heart really isn’t in it. I’d probably send it to the WIP basket if it weren’t for our regular weekly virtual knit night (which seems to be working out better than meeting IRL). It’s just really hard to concentrate on anything too complicated at the moment. Thankfully Reyna fits the bill, with just enough pattern changes to keep it interesting as you knit along.

While I love the bright colors and long color runs in this yarn, I. Absolutely. Hate. the yarn itself. Within a few stitches it goes from being near unspun roving to tightly wound making those numerous SSKs and K2togs a bit of a pain. This is the yarn that was originally destined for the Azzu Shawl which was found and frogged. I’m glad I did. Reyna shows off the yarn much better.

What’s your favorite no-think knitting project? Share yours in the comments!

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