I get by with a little help from my (knitting) friends (Updated*)

*With the new government directives due to CoVid-19, this was a short-lived reunion of knitters. We are nearly on lockdown here and personally my hubby and I are self-isolating in order to reduce our risk of exposure. So no public transportation, no meetings of more than 10 people (and needing to keep 2 meters distance between people). I’m thinking now’s the time for virtual SnB’s whenever possible. May we all soon return to some sense of normalcy. Wishing you continued good health!

ORIGINAL POST: Sometimes you do get what you wish for.  While my old SnB no longer seems interested in getting together (although some individuals are), none-the-less I’m meeting friends in Tel Aviv once a week to chat, lunch and knit. Solitary knitting has its place when working on complicated patterns or anything that needs more than just a little attention, but I’d much rather be in the company of other knitters. It’s inspiring! It’s invigorating! What do you say?

Granted with the current C-word pan(dem)ic, every ride on public transportation or group event is a crap shoot, but heck, so is life. Now if that woman behind me on the bus would just stop coughing! 😳

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4 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my (knitting) friends (Updated*)

  1. I meet with a few friends monthly to knit, drink coffee, eat food (we meet at an indoor market where there are a ton of different food vendors and excellent coffee), and chat. Since I work from home, it’s a great excuse to finally get out of the house!

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    1. It sounds like a lovely reason to get out and socialize.

      Our local SnB has people coming from all over, so finding a place that is good for everyone either by car or bus has been a major challenge, also due to dietary needs. The TLV group sprung forth spontaneously and we meet at someone’s house. It’s very peaceful. 🙂


      1. Since my group is just some friends who realized we all like to knit, there’s just 4 of us–which makes scheduling and finding venues a lot easier.

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      2. I think this is what I’m hoping for with the SnB. There are a few individuals who are interested in meeting and that is how I’d like to go forward.


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