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How much yarn would a Yarnaholic yarn, if a Yarnaholic could yarn yarn

OK, so that might not be the best post title in the world, but it certainly gets my point across!

Having read and taken to heart the Ravelry blog post from January 13th (Ravelry Resolutions) I started bringing out my stash from its various hiding places storage spots in the house and uploading the details. So far I’ve only managed about half of what I own. I also discovered that a storage spot I listed on Ravelry is “everywhere but the car.”

flashyourstashConfession: I have too much yarn. No, really, I mean it. It’s not because my yarn stash is increasing (remember, 2020 is the year of no SEX), it’s because I’m not knitting as much as I used to and the things I knit tend to be smallish projects.* Remember? “Yarnstash to FO ratio still screwed.” ™ (And having worked part-time for 5 years in a major yarn shop, I couldn’t leave those wayward skeins languishing in the extreme sale bin…)

If you’re interested in cashing in on what I’ve amassed in my personal yarn collection, make sure to check out my Destash page (you can also subscribe to the feed here or on Ravelry). There will be extreme vintage yarns, there will be “ooh-la-la,” how much did that gorgeous yarn cost you?!” yarns, hard to find knitting books and possibly some special issue magazines too.

All these stash buddies have lived a life of luxury in a smoke-free, pet-free, protected, gotta love this fresh air environment.

*When you move from somewhere where it is cold to frigid 10 months out of the year to a place where it is warm to hot 10 months a year, the need for heavy-duty wool garments drops like a rock in a pond. However, for those 2 months a year, hands, feet, heads and necks definitely need some extra warmth, indoors as well in these times of environmental consciousness and lowering of the thermostat. Toss into that mix the transition from single color yarns used creatively in intarsia or stranded-color patterns to the explosion of multicolored yarns and you can understand my quandary.

**The lovely featured image from Pexel in this post is someone else’s yarn.