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Move along. Nothing to see here.

I’ve so neglected my blog as to be criminal. I’d rename it “The Solitary Knitter” if there wasn’t already a site by that name.

When I stopped working over a year ago, I finally had the time to join up with the knitting group in my area.  The meetings I attended were fun and inspiring and then little by little things fell apart. Last month when I finally decided to deactivate my comatose FB account that was the last nail in the coffin since this group only organizes/shares on FB. It’s been dead silent since then. So what to do?  I don’t really have the energy for Plan B, i.e. starting my own group, or being online on Ravelry all day long. Maybe knitting in public in the local pub/coffeehouse will help attract like-minded crafters? No commitment needed, just show up on Day X with your project if you feel like it. I’m thinking so. Whaddya think?

Meanwhile, this: