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Knitty and the Patreon conundrum

knittysticker2016finalUpdate December 13th, 2017: Amy has just advised that Patreon has backed down and will not be rolling out the new fee schedule! Crisis averted! Amy is none-the-less setting up an alternate donation system for those that want it. More to come; stay tuned. Meanwhile Knitty lost 200 patrons. šŸ˜¦

You may have noticed from the badge over there in the sidebar, this site supports Knitty through Patreon. Some knitwear designers and other creators also use Patreon so their fans can support them andĀ  help keep them online and creating.

Last week, without any prior announcement to the creators who depend on those donations,Ā Patreon changed its fee schedule. On Saturday, Amy (Knitty’s Editor) posted that 105 Knitty patrons “and counting” had backed out of supporting them from the timeĀ  Patreon advised supporters via email on December 7th.

The increase in fees is being passed directly to patrons, but Knitty is being hit even harder by patrons leaving because of the fee. I am donating a smallish sum for per published issue of Knitty, so the fees are not excruciatingly painful. For those at the top end of the Knitty Patreon ladder (kudos to you!) I hope you’ll reconsider and stick with Patreon until Amy settles on another regular donation system. Knitty truly deserves your support.

In case there is any knitter not familiar with Knitty, it’s one of the longest-running, online knitting magazines, celebrating 15 years in 2018. Every issue is lovingly crafted and is still online so you can knit and spin your way through their archives! Not just a few knitwear designers cut their design teeth on Knitty. (The other original online knitting magazine was Canada’s KnitNet, now defunct.) These pioneers helped to create the online knitting experience.

NB: The featured image on this post is a photo of my completed Fetching from Knitty Summer 06. I’ve knit and gifted so many fingerless mitts from Knitty that I have to credit them for helping me to reduce my yarn stash, sort of. šŸ™‚