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Suddenly I find myself in the strange position of not having anything currently on the needles. ♥♥♥

Well, that’s not entirely true. There are 2 *very old* WIPs that I am not certain I will ever get back to:

I really don’t know why this is. Seems neither of these projects speaks to me any longer. Pity. There’s a small chance that I’ll frog them, but you never know.

Meanwhile back on ravelry, I’ve been slowly adding to my queue and I’m really tempted to begin a non-garment project. The three top possibilities are:

Claudia Olson’s Felted Messenger Bag or any of the other felted bags I have in my queue

Fiona Goble’s Classic Zombie

and Hansi Singh’s SeaStar which I blogged about here in (gulp!) 2011.

Do you have a favorite knitting project that isn’t something you wear? I’m open to suggestions.