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Anne Complete

With barely a donut-sized skein of Azteca leftover, and having knit only 8 sts for the edging, the Anne Shoulder Scarf is done! Things I learned along the way:

  1. Pick up that extra ball of yarn when you buy the yarn, especially if you buy it abroad. (Filed under: things I once knew but have managed to forget)
  2. When you set down a WIP, make copious notes on where you have left off (see above) It was nearly a year before I picked up this project again. In the interim, it seems that a stitch marker (not the sparkly ones) migrated east along with some stitches which caused unnecessary tinking.
  3. Keep active notes before, during and after. (see above)

Final dimensions:
Inner measurement (along the neckline) 56”/142cm
Outer measurement (along the edge) 81”/205.5cm
Depth: 14”/35.5cm including the edge.

Thoughts on Azteca:
There were sections of this yarn that knit like roving, i.e. barely plied, which was particularly noticeable on the edging because of the gauge change. Since this scarf needed wet blocking, it got a good soak and there was some color release from the black dye to the lighter (light gray and white) sections. Overall I enjoyed the yarn because of its hand and loft.

Thoughts on Ravelry:
Why is there no “Technical” tag on ravelry to separate these posts from the tens of (well-earned) pattern recommendation posts? It would have been so helpful!