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Anne Interrupted

Now that my run of mitten and gift knitting (and tidying and dusting) is behind me, I want to get back to working on this before the weather is too warm to wear it. Since it hit 27C on Thursday it may already be too late, but we are in that period of the year when you can wear your entire closet in the span of a couple of days.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a problem with the Anne Shoulder Scarf that I started knitting a couple of years ago from the lovely yarn I picked up in Cahors and then put down. After picking it up again and discovering that the number of stitches on each side of my stitch markers were not just a single stitch difference, which is what the pattern suggests, but 5 stitches, I started tinking back to where the increases evened out. Garter stitch may be relaxing, but it can also lull you to sleep and so miss an increase (or two or three). Obviously the TV program I watched while knitting must have been interesting. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Looking at the Ravelry pattern forum posts (if you can find the few technical ones-where’s the “technical” tag?), the biggest issue seems to be the edging. And that is where my dilemma is. I’m ending at fewer stitches per side (70) than the pattern has (90). First, because the yarn I’m using is heavier and loftier than the original yarn and, second, because I strongly doubt I have enough yarn. So fewer rows and hopefully fewer edging stitches equals enough yarn, otherwise… this may be my first frogged project of the year.


My knitting buddy and I pondered something over coffee the other day. While once it was the opposite, I now tend towards wanting to knit with other knitters IRL rather than only participating in online knitting groups. Ravelry is great for organizing but for chitchat, I’d much rather see your lips moving. How about you? Do you have a preference one way or the other?