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Feed Me Some RSS

2014-06-02 07.43.09Some (ok, a very few) of you may remember that terrifyingly long list of knitting-related bookmarks I published on Yarnaholic Confessions while it was on geocities. I finally had to pull it after some folks let me know that it froze their browsers, not to mention keeping all those links up to date. Remember, this was in the day when 26K/52K modems were the norm and you could get a couple of rounds on that shawl done before a website loaded (except for Esther Bozak’s site, which is still partying like it’s 1999). Oh, knitting nostalgia. Nowadays, if a webpage doesn’t load in a split second you not only lose readers but get penalized by search engines to boot. (Google’s AMP pages for mobile remind me viewing a website on  a feature phone in 1999. Maybe Esther had the right idea!)

But as always, I digress.

While I will never, ever publish another list of bookmarks, I did want to let you know about the new Feed Me! page I added to the site. It harnesses the power of’s RSS shortcode to bring you some of my favorite reads.

Have a favorite site feed you’d like to share? Tel me in the comments.