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Speaking of Mittens…

Does it seem to you the weather has been bouncing back and forth between extremes? Even our sunny winter days here on the coast have had single digit (ha!) temperatures at night, which is quite cold for where I live. My two grown sons asked me for something warm to wear on their hands, but chuckled when I requested them to draw an outline of their hand. Somewhere I have a collection of those pages since they were little.

Before my oldest son did his post-army tour of South America nearly 10 years ago, I knit him a pair of stashbuster favorites, fingerless gloves, aka pamelamama’s wonderful Knucks pattern from long-discontinued Schoellerwolle’s Wollspass (sigh). He loved them to bits and a couple of weeks ago brought them home so I could fix them. Thankfully it was an easy repair (and I had saved the leftover yarn #FTW) since only the thumb on one hand needed reknitting. And then I washed them. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but they were considerably lighter weight post washing. A mad flurry of knitting up a pair of garter stitch rectangle fingerless mitts as a replacement ensued. (Make garter square, fold, seam -stitches for thumb, knit thumb in seam. Done and given. Photos if I’m lucky!)

Youngest son surprised me by requesting mittens. After a brief bout of stash diving, I found 1 skein of the requested gray yarn, a rather heavy alpaca/wool/acrylic blend (4sts=1″) made in Turkey. It was clear that:

  1. these would be mittens or half-mitts and not gloves because of the thickness
  2. including any kind of design on the mitten would make these wearable in Scandinavia, but not here.

So a pattern straight from my go-to book for size and gauge, Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patternsdid the trick. But I still hate sewing in ends.


Meanwhile the days are getting longer and my own half-mitts are still on the needles in a project bag somewhere. Isn’t it always that way?