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In Search Of…

Anyone else remember that late ’70’s/early ’80’s TV series “In Search Of…” presented by Leonard Nimoy which featured a new mysterious or paranormal subject every week-Martians, Bigfoot, Immortality? It really reminded me of my recent search for a knitting group. I’m still trying to understand the attitude and rationale behind some of the conversations I had while doing so.

Now that I have stopped working full-time +, it really is a joy to be able to regularly sit down and knit without exhaustion and maybe even be social. 🙂 I enjoy knitting and I enjoy knitting even more when around other knitters/fiber people. It’s that creative interaction that is so stimulating. But my efforts to find and join a local group made me feel like I’d passed over into the Twilight Zone. Suddenly, there were “qualifications” involved? Needless-to-say, this surprised me. Do you think there should be qualifications for knitting groups, other than:

  1. knowing how to knit (but depending on the group, maybe not)
  2. knowing how to behave in a social setting (i.e. not biting anyone’s head off, or at least not for the first couple of months 😉 )

Starting and maintaining a knitting group is a deep, but also deeply rewarding, investment in energy and time. I know because I’ve done it with our sadly defunct guild. And yet… I would much rather be a part of a group than start a group. It’s times like these when I envy knitters who are spoiled for choice.

I finally connected with a local group I’d been lurking on at the FB but never had the time or energy to go to after a full 9-hour workday. The 2 or 3 meetings I’ve been at so far have been thoroughly enjoyable. My biggest concern, however, is that the group seems to be winding down with only a couple of core members showing up at meetings. Time will tell whether I’ll need to invoke Plan B.

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