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One hundred years of people knitting

In 1915, the manager of the New York Philharmonic Society’s Concert Hall had a unique problem. There had been some unusual disturbances during performances, and to address this, he included a notice in the program. It was titled “Knitting During Performances”. After acknowledging the importance of helping the war in Europe, he wrote, “many complaints have been received from patrons of the concerts who are annoyed by knitting during performances, and the Directors respectfully request that this practice, which interferes with the artistic enjoyment of the music, be omitted”.

via Strangely Captivating Vintage Photos of People Knitting | Atlas Obscura

This looks hugely fun! Have you seen or bought it? What did you think?

(The featured image on this post is not from the book, but from The Library of Congress‘ flickr photos in The Commons.)