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Yarnbomb en français

Cahors, France-August 2012

Notice the  people standing around in disbelief and shock, confused about this event. If you have any information about this yarnbombing, please share it in the comments.

My yarn radar was working overtime while we were in southern France, but only struck gold in the lovely medieval city of Cahors, one of our last stops, at A. Pygmalion at Place du Marché. We visited the Old Town during Wednesday’s market day, which was enjoyable by itself. Ironically, even though we saw more than just a few sheep dotting the excruciatingly picturesque French countryside, there was very little 100% wool available in the shop. The yarn I finally purchased was a 50-50 wool-acrylic blend, made in Spain!


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  1. I’m not sure if you will be happy or sad to hear this, but the Yarn Shop SIpurei Badim in Beer Sheva imports Katia…so if you fall in love with it, you can get more from her.

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