Since not a few knitters are also geeks, I wonder why it took so long for Silicon Valley to hop on the trend. While it doesn’t look like any of these cool looking socks are hand knit, it can’t be much longer before “ninja socks” are the latest thing in knitting. Oh wait!

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Socks are a medium of expression for some of us in the technology business, writes The New York Times. I am one of the few people they have included in the article by Claire Cane Miller and Nick Bilton.

FOR barristers in 18th-century London, it was shoulder-grazing wigs. For the Mad men of 1950s New York, it was briefcases and fedoras. For the glass-ceiling-shattering women of the 1980s, it was shoulder pads. And for today’s tech entrepreneurs in high-flying Silicon Valley, it is flamboyantly colored, audaciously patterned socks. [A foot in the door in Silicon Valley]

And while the article might give the impression that it is a few of us who are experimenting with the socks, the trend is pretty widespread. I remember being one of the few people who would wear bold socks, but lately I have seen more people. Phil Black, my partner at…

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