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I have switched this blog to “Bueno”, one of the new themes offered here on While I really, really like it, I’ve lost my blog’s header (not such a big deal because I can upload it again, but I’m kinda digging the way it looks without it), and am now waiting really, really impatiently for the new “edit menu” menu so I can start to clean up the mess that  my navigation bar has become.  Really, really impatiently. 😦

On the knitting front, really not a whole lot to report. The new summer IK came, ho-hum; Ravelry inspiration, bupkes.

I may have spotted a slump here, whaddya say?


8 thoughts on “Tink-ering

  1. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

    The new IK is rather “ho hum”, isn’t it? I’ve cancelled all but that magazine and now it’s doing me wrong.

    Ravelry MADE me purchase 7 patterns this weekend. I’ve hardly knit a thing but buying those patterns was F U N.

    Your header looks kind of stern, as if you’re a school marm. 😀

    1. Woah! Do you have me on speed-dial? 🙂

      Quack. I agree… I really need a knitting group to up the inspiration level, but the local Ravelry SnB group is about 35 years younger and sadly we don’t click on a basic level. They see me as old, I don’t.

  2. I have a headache THIS BIG

    GREAT tag!

    Just had a look around and you’ve done some great work here! Love the ‘Ten Indications That Your Knitting “Hobby” Has Gone Too Far’!

    Talking about my knitting, I bought ten balls of wool today and I’m very, very excited about this new project I’m starting!

      1. Hm, will have to check that out more closely.’s “Theme Team” have been churning them out at breakneck speed, but not all is working as it should it seems.

    1. The transition from geocities was pretty painful. No export file whatsoever so everything had to be copied and pasted by hand. Glad you like it. 🙂

      What new project? What? What?!

      1. It involves a lot of wool! Don’t think the ten balls will be enough!

        More in due time, but it’s colourful! Yey!

  3. I like the new theme, I don’t quite remember the old one (but I’m sure I didn’t hate it.)

    I hope your knitting inspiration finds you again. Soon.

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