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WIP or RIP-You Decide

This past month has been a mad house for fingerless mitts. First off, a pair of k1 wristlets (sadly, still without photos) for a Texan twitter friend who was suffering cold hands in her office. Then a second pair of wristlets for me (see above) from a wonderful, natural, full-lanolin stash yarn to replace the old ones I’d worn out wearing around the house every single cold day (and night!) for the past 4 years. After a hot water bath they bloom and are the warmest things going.

Then, this: The “How Now Space Cow Armwarmers” from giftable designs.

Rip back #1: bye-bye cuff following our local S’nB, but that was my fault for being too involved in conversation and not involved enough with the cuff. Rip back #2: after knitting up to just beyond the thumb opening, trying it on and discovering folds upon folds of extra fabric across the area for the thumb. Is it the design (no thumb gore)? My gauge? The yarn? What?!

At this point I’m about to hit the RIP button, but figured cooler heads should prevail and help me  decide. So, what do you say? RIP or WIP?