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Poll: When a Yarnaholic Destashes, It Means That…

As a part of my determined efforts to cut down the number of loafers in the Staff Room at “Ms. Yarnaholic’s School for Wayward Skeins”(tm), there’s no choice left but to make some serious, gut-wrenching decisions as to who what stays and what goes.

Since this is going to take quite a while (evidence here, and, confession, kof*that’snotallofit), keep your eyes on the “Destash” category in my blog’s sidebar for new Destash posts and offers.

Meantime, please take the poll and add your own destash answers!


4 thoughts on “Poll: When a Yarnaholic Destashes, It Means That…

  1. When I can’t fit anything more into my cubes/drawers/closet, I think it’s time to destash.

    But then I think about it some more and realize it’s just time to buy more cubes/drawers.

    1. At this point, in order to buy more cubes, I’d have to buy the condo above us. 🙂 I’m *so* ready for us to be empty-nesters and then WHAM! instant craft room.

  2. Had a large bagful of yarn start to fall down at my head once, slammed the closet door fast, and thought I’d broken the lower hinge. Why yes, there might be a lot of yarn in there, why do you ask?

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