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Return to Sender-Address Unknown

Because the ToS here are, shall we say, strict, I’ve been trying to get in touch with those generous knitters who allowed me to publish their stories on KnitNatterings at geocities in order to receive their permission again to post here. After searching through my copious backup CDs from 9 years ago (what can I say other than I’m anal and isn’t that obvious already?), I finally came across the CD where I saved the permission emails. Writing people using the original email addresses turned up exactly two people; the rest-bupkes! DANG! You people move around. To be fair, though, it has been a while since I last wrote.

So, on the odd chance that maybe someone will see this and know how to contact at least one of the following people and say, “Hey, what’s her name from Yarnaholic Confessions is looking for you”, I’m posting names here:

  • C. Laudig – “Knits of the Round Table” and “Brief Order of Public Confession of My Knitting Sins”
  • M. Sander – “Square Knitter’s Creed”
  • W. Walton – “Ten Indications That Your Knitting ‘Hobby’ Has Gone Too Far” and “Sinister Intentions and Fourteen Inch Metal Spikes”
  • L. Green – “The Top Ten Worst Knitting Tips”
  • C. Wingate – “If Knitting Were a Guy Thing”
  • P. Brixen – “Yarn Obsession”
  • P. Pope – “The Stashaholic and the Stash Detective”
  • Anita, The Fiber Artist – “Abandoning Projects”
  • C. Murray, S. Porris and E. Shapiro – “Yarn Names We’d Like to See”

Feel free to point them in this direction, or leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.


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