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Yesterday evening for the very first time since joining the group, I managed to cut work early enough to join the Tuesday rogue session of the Tel Aviv rav_linkRavelry group – Tel Aviv Stitch ‘n youknowwhat. (Just trying to keep the cease and desist letters at bay.)

Really a fun group of knitters. Nearly everyone was working on something. I shlepped a couple of books to look for quick-knit baby items (my niece has only 2 months left to go) and some slubbed silk yarn, a souvenir of my last trip to New Yawk City in 2002, to start a newrav_link “Knit-Til-You-Quit” shawl. Of course, with so much chatting, I lost count of my charted rows, but what made sense to me the first time still makes sense to me.  Now I just have to sit down and rechart it! (groan!)

Part of the fun was sharing some of the Wayward Skeins(tm) with the rest of the group. I felt a little awkward about the whole thing (still do), but I really, really do have more yarn than I will ever need. Glad to have finally found a home for at least a few of them. 🙂