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Happy Towel Day!

Rev up the Infinite Improbability Drive! I love it when knitting and h2g2 collide! Want to feel like a galactic explorer? Hop aboard "Heart of Gold". See ya!

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Return to Sender-Address Unknown

Because the ToS here are, shall we say, strict, I've been trying to get in touch with those generous knitters who allowed me to publish their stories on KnitNatterings at geocities in order to receive their permission again to post here. After searching through my copious backup CDs from 9 years ago (what can I… Continue reading Return to Sender-Address Unknown


Big Yarn Balls

Here's a link to the accompanying flickr photoset Seriously, for real or urban legend? What do you say?

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Yesterday evening for the very first time since joining the group, I managed to cut work early enough to join the Tuesday rogue session of the Tel Aviv Ravelry group - Tel Aviv Stitch 'n youknowwhat. (Just trying to keep the cease and desist letters at bay.) Really a fun group of knitters. Nearly everyone… Continue reading Raveled!

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My head hurts!

Since geocities is closing down this summer, I want to make sure I have everything in place here and on Ravelry long before that happens. Honestly, I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy. But today, uploading a PDF pattern to Ravelry nearly did me in. So, are you on Ravelry? Should I offer pattern downloads only there… Continue reading My head hurts!

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Ah hahahaha! Today I received a rejection letter from one of the Israel Tapuz Forums closed knitting groups. (To be exact 'סריגה באחת וגם בשתים'.) I think I asked to join over a year ago, certainly long before there was Ravelry. D'ya think I'm missing out on something? 🙂