Knitting Spam Daily

Does anyone else think that the Knitting Daily newsletter-to-ad ratio is entirely out of whack? I love Knitting Daily and Interweave, but I’m finding that so much of the mail sent out by them is advertising or advertising disguised as newsletters that I’ve come *this close* to unsubscribing entirely from the newsletter.

This seems to be the opposite of what they want. Just sayin’…


3 thoughts on “Knitting Spam Daily

  1. I feel the same way. I’ve grown a bit tired of seeing it in my inbox every day and I hardly even look at them anymore unless the title really grabs me. I mean, who really has time like that? Certainly not me! I think once a week would be much better and it might allow them the time needed to include more valuable content rather than loading it up with so much advertising just so they have something to distribute every day.

    1. I like my “treats” in small doses, but it is a fine line retailers walk. On one hand if you don’t post frequently, you risk dropping off the radar. On the other hand, posting too often has the same result due to overexposure.

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