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Hello there world!

Nearly three and a half years ago I set up this blog thinking what in heaven’s name am I doing and will I ever get back to blogging about knitting, let alone knitting!  Thanks to Yahoo!’s decision to shut down geocities this summer, it looks like this site will become the new home for Yarnaholic Confessions, which I set up and ran on geocities from 1999 ’til now.

There are parts of the old site which are, shall we say, “antique” and won’t make their way over here, particularly the bookmarks page, which I’ve never been able to recreate after the Great HardDrive Failure of 2002. I also have to wonder how many people are still looking at the Socksx3 page, as there are no stats available thanks to Yahoo! blithely resetting the stat info last year and the book has been republished a number of times since the creation of that page. Even the yarns mentioned on that page are well into being “vintage” yarns.

The three most used pages from the geocities site will definitely be moved here. The bare bones of “Knit Natterings” is already here, polishing will come later. My free patterns page and “The Copyright FAQ for Knitters” will most likely be the very last things to be moved over. Even though WordPress makes this easy, I want to take the opportunity to review the material and, more importantly, not screw up its “Google Juice” by having it posted in two different places on the net at the same time.

So, welcome to you and thanks for stopping by.