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The Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural and sustainable benefits offered by wool.Encouraging collaboration between an international community of woolgrowers, major fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers, artisans and interior designers, the Campaign has been instrumental in educating consumers about the versatility of wool, and reconnecting them with its myriad uses – From luxurious fine merino knitwear to fire-retardant insulation for the home.

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I came across this site a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This is a campaign  for wool promotion in the UK. The UK, home of all things woolly for centuries, needs to have a wool promotion campaign.  Are Brits in general so distanced from their woolly past as to truly need such a thing? Apparently so. Just seeing this makes me infinitely sad to think so.

Wanted: Knitters With The Write Stuff

editThis website has been a labor of love since 1999, first on Yahoo! geocities and now here on, and I have a lot of experience managing websites. Sadly, I have little time these days for actually looking for interesting and fun items to share (unless it falls in my lap) for all of you who follow this site and visit it.

So, I’ve decided to open up this blog and am currently looking for a few (up to 5 4) knitters who have their proverbial ear to the ground in the knitterly realm and would like to guest blog here on a bi-weekly basis.  You can use this site to bring exposure to your own site and if you don’t currently have a website, well, this is an excellent way to get your feet wet without diving into the deep end. As an extra bonus, I’d be happy to help you set up your very own site here on after 6 3 months of regular posting.

Interested? Drop me a note either in the comments here or on my contact page and let’s be in touch.

18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting

What a nice change to see something like this buzzfeed piece instead of yet another getting down on knitters and knitting piece like mashable ran a few weeks back. (Ravelry is a “bizarre social network” right up with there with “My Free Implants?” What is this I don’t know even!?)


Lots of Yarnaholics leaving confessions in the buzzfeed comments. :)

Framingham native needles his way into ‘Project Runway’ – Style

The last knitwear designer to appear on “Project Runway,” season six stitcher Gordana Gehlhausen, didn’t take home the $100,000 prize or the additional spoils that come with reaching the top of the fashion reality show heap. But she did place in the final four and returned for another chance to win the top prize in “Project Runway: All Stars” (she failed to win “All Stars” as well).

Enter Joseph Aaron Segal. The Framingham native, who now lives in Providence, is hoping that his knitwear expertise will take him slightly further than Gehlhausen on “Project Runway.”

via Framingham native needles his way into ‘Project Runway’ – Style – The Boston Globe.

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Pre-NaKniSweMo Musings

I had to chuckle… When I went looking for moebius patterns the other day, I completely overlooked this beauty by Kristin Omdahl. While I love the reversible cable, I’m a bit undecided about the dropped stitches. I have the feeling that the yarn I’ll be using is less durable than the bulky yarn she’s used, plus the cables will be vertical the way I’m knitting it. Hmm…thoughts, opinions?


November is just around the corner and while writers are sharpening their pens for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), knitters around the globe are gearing up for the knitting equivalent, National Sweater Knitting Month.

The weather here in Israel is being very cooperative. Daytime temps are now in the 25C range, with cooler mornings and evenings, and hopefully will stay that way for a while, although we know there are no guarantees of that happening! It does inspire one to pick up one’s knitting needles, especially if watching the occasional rain and lightning storm is involved.

My NaKniSweMo project is a reversible cable moebius wrap, very loosely based on this pattern. This is a good project for me since full sweaters are just too hot here for the most part and it will keep me warm in the summer months too in the sub-arctic office my boss insists on having. Plus it fits my old/new motto of “small projects that have a chance of being finished in my lifetime.”

So now you know what I’m knitting (though if you’ve been keeping up with this blog you probably could have guessed). What will you be knitting for NaKniSweMo?